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About The Studio

The Loft Studio is painting and drawing studio located in Tempe AZ.

We provide opportunity for people who are interested in learning how to draw and paint the human figure. Observational realism is a valuable skill to have as an artist, as it allows you to accurately depict the world around you.

Having a small stable of proficient artists who are capable of teaching a wide range of subjects is also a great advantage. It ensures that students can find an instructor who specializes in the medium or technique that they are interested in, and that they can receive personalized attention and guidance.

  • Oil painting

  • Charcoal drawing

  • Alla prima

  • Quick sketch

  • Tonal drawing

  • Artistic anatomy

Are all important areas of study for artists who want to create realistic and lifelike figures. By offering instruction in all of these areas, you are providing your students with a well-rounded education that will prepare them for a variety of artistic endeavors.

Overall, this program is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to improve their skills in drawing and painting human figures.

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